• C-Better Foundation


    C-Better offers a curated selection of tech-focused workforce development programs and networking meetups for the greater Harlem community.

  • C-Better Foundation


    C-Better supports entrepreneurs from the community by connecting them with the platforms and tech skills needed to start their own businesses.

  • C-Better Foundation


    C-Better engages donors, companies, and sponsors to connect with workforce talent from diverse backgrounds and skillsets.

  • C-Better Foundation


    C-BETTER is focused on collaborating with communities, volunteers, and donors to provide tech-based programs ensuring exposure and access are increased for all. 

Creating a connected world, where equal access and exposure to innovative technology is available for all people

The C-Better Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting underserved communities to economic opportunities via technology access and education. C-Better serves communities in Harlem, NYC and beyond, helping to prepare marginalized communities for a future-ready society.

Preparing future-ready communities 
through equal access to technology

Bringing ideas, people, and technology together to better our communities


Of NYC Kids Without Internet

More than 100,000 NYC school-aged children live in households without internet


Tech Job Growth By 2030

Workforce growth rates in Tech are expected to double those of other industries, with some categories reaching 4-5 times the current rate by 2030


Of Businesses Are Black Owned

The Wealth Gap is influenced by business ownership. While the Black community is 14% of the population; they only make up 2.3% of business ownership


Of People Over 75 Use The Internet

The older community is being impacted by expanded use of technology but are not users and/or have access

  • Closing the Wealth Gap
  • images/fpo/Education-skills-gap-in-the-EU_final.png
    Closing the Healthcare Gap
  • Closing the Proverty Gap
  • Inspiring Innovation
  • images/fpo/Education-skills-gap-in-the-EU_final.png
    Closing the Access Gap
  • images/fpo/Education-skills-gap-in-the-EU_final.png
    Enhancing Digital Literacy


The Digital Divide

Digital fluency is critical to a healthy life, education, and access to the workforce.

However, today’s digital inequalities are placing a greater burden on already distressed communities and groups, making it harder to bridge social and economic barriers.

Closing the digital divide in those communities is critical as digital inclusion promotes community resiliency and economic development.


Our 3 Key Pillars


    Bringing ideas, people, and technology together
    to better our communities.

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